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  • Integrated RIB Serrations under the head to provide superior vibration resistance compared to other commercial fasteners
  • Retains 89.1% of initial compressive load after 400 cycles on the Junkers Transverse Vibration Test
  • Available now on the Rib Serrated Socket Flange and 10.9 DIN 6921 Frame Bolts

The all-new Rib-Lock™ serrated fasteners are officially part of the NBS product lineup.  With unique serrations that provide maximum vibration resistance, Rib-Lock™ serrated fasteners will enhance the product offerings of any fastener distributor.

 Compressive Load


Put through the rigors of a Junkers Transverse Vibration test, Rib-Lock™ serrated fasteners can retain 89.1% of its initial compressive load after 400 cycles, the highest out of any comparable commercial fasteners (i.e. frame bolts, serrated flange bolts, socket head cap screw and hex bolts with washer).


rib serrations

Inch or Metric


The Rib-Lock™ serrated fastener are now available in either Metric (Cl. 12.9) or Inch (Grade Alloy).  Both come with a black phosphate and oil finish and stocked in Los Angeles, CA and Elk Grove Village, IL.



Performance & Quality


With nearly 21% more compression retention than a socket cap + washer combination, Rib-Lock™ serrated fasteners also provides you with peace of mind; the integrated flange is made from the same alloy steel and heat treated as well.

This elimanates not only material and dimensional variabilities, but helps reduce the number of washers needed for any given socket application.